A description of the name of the rose which was set in the 13th century monastery

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Gelati Monastery

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The Name of the Rose.

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Eberbach Abbey

The Name of the Rose is set in and takes place in an Abbey. A man has been found dead and the monks have called in Franciscan monk, William of Baskerville, in order to uncover the person that committed the murder.

This 13th Century love poem is an allegorical account of the art of courtly love. The Romance of the Rose These are the crucifixion marks of Christ, often associated with Saint Francis of Assisi. Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO The monuments included in the property are dated from the 4th to the 13th century.

At the early period, the Monastery was called Ayrivank (Monastery in the Cave) because of its rock-cut construction. from which comes its present name, Geghardavank (the Monastery of the Spear).

The. Its official name is Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos. it rose the new Gothic cathedral. This is one of the best Classicism Gothic sculptural set of the 13th century in Spain.

It is dedicated to the archaic theme of Christ in Majesty, but using an innovative instituteforzentherapy.comon: Burgos, Castile and León, Spain.

Edward's Abbey survived for two centuries until the middle of the 13th century when which now bears his name. This has a spectacular fan-vaulted roof and the craftsmanship of Italian sculptor Pietro Torrigiano can be seen in Henry's fine tomb.

The great west window and the rose window in the north transept date from the early 18th.

Subiaco Tour

Scriptorium (/ s k r ɪ p ˈ t ɔːr i ə m / (listen)), literally "a place for writing", is commonly used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the writing, copying and illuminating of manuscripts by monastic scribes.

A description of the name of the rose which was set in the 13th century monastery
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