A description of the notion of learning styles

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Some reservations and cautions about VARK Learning styles have had a bad press. It seems that they are lauded and then attacked on an almost cyclical basis. Kolb's experiential learning style theory is typically represented by a four-stage learning cycle in which the learner 'touches all the bases': 1.

Concrete Experience - (a new experience or situation is encountered, or a reinterpretation of existing experience). (Original post on Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche’s site).

Learning Styles

The Internet Time Alliance Award, in memory of Jay Cross, is presented to a workplace learning professional who has contributed in positive ways to the field of Real Learning and is reflective of Jay’s lifetime of work. This area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and instituteforzentherapy.com with a high musical intelligence normally have good pitch and may even have absolute pitch, and are able to sing, play musical instruments, and compose instituteforzentherapy.com have sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, meter, tone, melody or.

Using multiple learning styles and �multiple intelligences� for learning is a relatively new approach. This approach is one that educators have only recently started to recognize.

Traditional schooling used (and continues to use) mainly linguistic and logical teaching methods. Perhaps the most simple way of describing ‘learning styles’ is to say that they are different methods of learning or understanding new information, the way a person takes in, understand, expresses and remembers information.

A description of the notion of learning styles
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