A visit from the footbinder essay

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Wuhu Diary

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Wuhu Diary by Emily Prager (Paperback, 2002)

Sep 25,  · 1. Pleasure Mouse looks forward to the visit from the footbinder right up until the big moment. Along the way she visits a number of characters who develop various ironies for the reader. In this essay I will be looking at, “A visit from the foot binder” written by Emily Prager and I will analyse closely the episode in the story where Lord Guo Guo comes back to view and witness the expense Lady Guo Guo has gone to, to create her burial tomb.

More contemporary and hyperbolic is ""The Alumnae Bulletin""--about three Brearley girls, class of '65, who get together at regular intervals later in their lives to recount their latest sexual fiascos: they wear carved wooden phalluses at these meetings, and once are paid a visit by Jerzy Kosinski (a Max Apple-ish touch that almost works).

To ask other readers questions about The Binding Chair or, A Visit from the Foot Emancipation Society, please sign up/5().

A visit from the footbinder essay
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