An analysis of the character traits of joseph the son of jacob

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Joseph Bible Character Study Notes. Name: Joseph. After Leah had already born several God finally opened up Rachel’s womb and she gave birth to Joseph. This was while Jacob was still with Laban.

Special traits: God gave Joseph the power to interpret dreams (). This enhanced his natural gift of shrewdness and discernment. Joseph: How God Builds Character.

Imagine the emotions of Joseph as he goes from his father's favorite son with big dreams to being sold as a slave to ending up on the slave crew of Potiphar. Joseph had a lot of things going his way in life at first. He was handsome. He was the first son born to Jacob through Rachel, and therefore, he was his father’s favorite son.

Jacob in the Bible: Character Profile, Story, and Lessons

Joseph, son of Jacob, was surely destined for great things. Though his life consisted of many hardships, and ups and downs, he always got past them and lived a good life in the vision of God.

His dreams took him very far, as he ended up with all of Egypt looking to him for help. Though he w. And the object of taking up a character like this is not to look at the failings of Jacob, while we forget our own. Though he was a grandson of Abraham, he is twin brother to most of us.

Wherever you go, you find this man's character brought out in a great many men. Jacob’s overt favoritism towards his son, Joseph, caused a great rift of hatred in his other sons.

They sold Joseph to traveling merchants and brought back his bloody coat so Jacob believed he was dead.

Joseph In The Old Testament: Bible Character Profile And Study An analysis of the character traits of joseph the son of jacob
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Joseph: Bible Character Study