An introduction to the life of miles davis

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Miles Davis

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Miles Davis Biography

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The Definitive life of Miles Davis

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Miles Davis (1926–1991)

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Miles Davis

By Anton Spice. April 26, An introduction to the electric sound of Miles Davis. Written by Anton Spice Amar Ediriwira.

So What: The Life of Miles Davis

Published on April 26, Category Features. the album channels Miles’ escalating instability and utter despair as his life. While Don Cheadle’s Miles Ahead takes place during Miles Davis’s first marriage to Frances Taylor, it’s the pairing of the jazz great and the inimitable Cicely Tyson that stands out in our.

This biography attempts to explain those paradigm-shifts one after another, through his recordings and major life changes. The factors leading to that process are now the foundation of the Miles Davis legend: the dentist’s son born in to middle-class comfort in East St Louis.

Nov 19,  · “Miles Davis was not the monster everybody made him out to be,” he said. “Miles Davis was a very shy guy who created a persona, a kind of hostile persona, to keep people away from him.”. Davis remains one of the most influential musicians in the history of jazz.

His music lives on in recordings like Miles Ahead (), Porgy and Bess (), and Sketches of Spain (), and the hauntingly "blue" sound of his Sep 28, Apr 14,  · Directed by Michael Dibb.

With Jimmy Cobb, Shirley Horn, Frances Davis, Clark Terry. A review of the life and work of Miles Davis as told by those who knew and worked with him/10().

An introduction to the life of miles davis
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