Essay on saving the ailing earth from vehicular pollution

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Search. Save environment for a safe future. Save environment for a safe future The main environmental problem Pakistan facing is pollution and we have to save environment for a save future.

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Save the Ailing Earth from Vehicular Pollution Essay six coaches[6] and the power output is supplied by kilo volt, 50 Hz AC through overhead catenary. The metro has an average daily ridership of over a million commuters,[3] and has carried over a billion commuters in.

Our precious earth is daily polluted in a variety of ways such as air pollution, water, soil, chemical, smoke, noise, radioactive, thermal, waste, energy, oil and urban pollution. It is an urgent problem needing a solution and is mainly in the hands.

The death rate due to starvation has increased immensely.

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We, the human beings are solely responsible for this calamity. We pollute our planet in many ways. Deforestation, industrial pollution, toxic wastes, vehicular pollution and lack of greenery are the chief causes of imbalance in the ecosystem.

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Deciding to go earth-friendly by converting to solar power is undoubtedly a positive one. Solar panel technology is now becoming seen as a solution to the planets power demands.

Vehicular survival basics and tools that will keep you alive when disaster strikes and you're on the road and away from home The vulnerability of our ailing.

Essay on saving the ailing earth from vehicular pollution
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