Food and nutrition should be removed from the school curriculum

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Childhood Nutrition Facts

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Practically all public schools (99 percent) offer nutrition education somewhere within the curriculum and many integrate it within the total curriculum (70 percent). The most common placement is within the health curriculum (84 percent), but many schools also teach nutrition through science classes.

The AAFP believes that sound nutrition is a cornerstone of health and should be reflected in all dietary offerings/options in schools, (e.g. food service, meals, vending, outside contractors, etc.).

Team Nutrition provides nutrition education for kids and their caregivers. Inside, you'll find a comprehensive listing of materials designed for food service professionals, educators, parents, and child care providers.

The Community Voices for Health curriculum “Integrating oncepts about Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity into Middle School” is intended to help you increase the amount of nutrition education and physical activity you are providing for your students.

This date is firm to ensure full training, functionality, and familiarity before the start of the school year. Training of office staff needs to occur between July 9th - July 20th. Training of School Nutrition Managers needs to occur between August 6th - August 10th.

current food and nutrition situation, the core action group should develop a food and nutrition policy and action plan specific to the school. The action plan needs to identify specific goals and.

Food and nutrition should be removed from the school curriculum
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Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) | National Institute of Food and Agriculture