Philosophy on subject ranging from education to government in platos the republic

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The Role Of Women In Plato’s Republic

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Many readers have seen in Plato’s Republic a rare exception in western philosophy’s long history of sexist denigration of women, and some have even decided that Plato’s willingness to open up the best education and the highest jobs to women shows a kind of feminism (Wender ).

Other readers disagree (AnnasBuchan ). Plato's philosophical views had many societal and political implications, especially on the idea of an ideal state or government (much influenced by the model of the severe society of Sparta), although there is some discrepancy between his early and later views on Political Philosophy.

Republic V contains two revolutionary proposals for the social organisation of the ideal state, the first that the function of guardianship is to be performed by men and women alike (cb), the second that for the guardians the private household and therefore the institution of marriage is to be abolished (bd), since the guardians do not.

In the Republic, Plato outlines the normal education of a Greek boy, which he also received – learning to read and write and study the poets. This is particularly strong in Plato’s philosophy of education. He was the first to suggest organized society and education.

Plato treats the subject of education in The Republic. The Republic quiz that tests what you know. Perfect prep for The Republic quizzes and tests you might have in school. Plato contends we are all made of the same three parts yet not all have the parts aligned in a healthy balance.

The result is that greed, ambition, and foolishness rule in these unbalanced people.

Philosophy on subject ranging from education to government in platos the republic
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Plato: The Republic