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Short Essay on Dog (animal) and its Features

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Horror Short Story: “The Hole”

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“The Hole” by John Bowie is the First Prize-winning story in the Horror category in the 13th Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards.

For complete coverage of the awards, see the May/June issue of Writer’s Digest. To see a complete list of winners and read the first-place.

Announcing the Winner of the No-Fee RRofihe Trophy Short Story Contest: TISA for "The Runaway" — read it here. Two New Stories! Read "Trampoline" by JESSICA HOLLAR and "Tuesday Night Figure Drawing at the Community Center".

Dec 11,  · In scouting the story, before reading it, I’ll admit I thought that all the kerfuffle was because The New Yorker had published a daring genre romance about a shape-shifting cat/person and a.

The dog is a pet animal. It has four legs, two ears, two eyes and a short tail. Dogs are of many types, different colours and size.

It is found everywhere. The title of the story could have three different meanings, first of all there is a star called the dog star it could be related to the story as the pet of the narrator was a dog.

Second, it could be meaned as the word star may mean famous or known as if it is a celebrity.

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