The main characters of cat in

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List of Disney characters

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Main characters

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Main Characters

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Top Cat (or simply T.C.) is the yellow-furred, charismatic, and clever main character of the series.

He wears a mauve pork pie hat and a matching often rips off and/or tricks minor characters, Officer Dibble, and even his own gang. The main characters in the musical Cats are Grizabella,Old Deuteronomy,Macavity, and Munkustrap.

The Black Cat manga series features characters created by Kentaro story follows a young man named Train Heartnet who withdrew from an elite group of assassins called the Chronos Numbers two years earlier and is now a Sweeper, or bounty hunter.

Who are the main characters A Corner of the Universe?

Winnie the Pooh - An overweight teddy bear; Christopher Robin - The 8-year-old human boy, Pooh's playmate; Piglet - The timid pig; Eeyore - A miserable donkey; Kanga - A sweet-hearted female kangaroo, Roo's mother; Roo - A hyperactive young kangaroo, Kanga's son. Fat Cat is the secondary antagonist of Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers To the Rescue and the main antagonist of the TV show.

Marvel VS Dc – Top 10 Copy Cat Characters

His master, Aldrin Klordane, is the main antagonist of the pilot. Fat Cat is a felonious gray Tabby cat and one of the Rescue Rangers' most frequent antagonists.

He was. This is a list of main characters in the Warriors series: cats that narrate in at least one book in the Main arcs, Super Editions, Novellas, Field guides, or Manga.

The main characters of cat in
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Who are the main characters in Cats