Writing a play script from a story ks2 bitesize

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Mother Theresa

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How to plan your story

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Storytelling and drama

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Story setting ideas: 6 effective setting examples and tips

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lesson plans

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Shakespeare's Macbeth is often studied at Key Stage 2 as an example of work from a distant period in history. However, its age brings about a number of problems for those studying it. The common reason given for not understanding the texts of Shakespeare is the language or vocabulary used.

All Bitesize; KS1. Stories. Part of. Find out about the different genres of fiction writing. How to write a fairy story. How to write a science fiction story. Go-Givers provides school teachers with PSHE and SMSC KS2 and KS1 resources, lesson plans, planning, teaching activities and worksheets.

Writing a play script from a story ks2 bitesize
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